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BrownSide’s Klever Pens Cautionary Tribute Following Toker’s Death

Los Angeles, CA – BrownSide legend Gilbert “Toker” Izquierdo was killed in Rosarito, Mexico last week. As news of his passing started to circulate, there were rumors he’d been gunned down by Mexican drug cartels but nothing official was confirmed.

Now, fellow BrownSide member Klever has shed a little light on Toker’s unexpected death and, at the same time, offered a word of warning to any young kids in pursuit of that gangster lifestyle.

“Its hard to accept my big bro Tokes is gone but like he said ‘u live by the gun u die by the gun,” Klever wrote in a recent Instagram post. “everything he said were true facts .im not gonna sit here and try to paint him as a saint, MY bro was a gangster and done did alot of crazy shit, this life that was givin to us is real no sugar coating shit.

“To all you little fans out there sending us dm’s looking up to us saying they wanna be G’s like us, sit back and learn from us. look at how tomorrow is not promised to us. u cant even trust some of ur own homeboys. u wanna be a Gee beware of what that life is gonna bring you.”

As Klever continued, he opened up about all of the violence he’s been subjected to over the years as result of some of his life choices. He talked about watching his parents fall apart after his 11-year-old sister was fatally shot in a drive-by shooting. He also revealed one of his brothers was a victim of gun violence.

“When i was a little kid 8 yrs old i couldnt fucken wait to grow up and be a G,” he wrote. “I grew up looking up to my older brothers. i knew it wasnt good but i didnt care. At 10 yrs old one of my older brothers was killed in a shoot out he was only 18 yRS old, then another one of my brothers LAZY caught a life sentence for the payback , my moms n pops were devastated.

“Then when i was 15yrs old my little 11 yr old sister was killed by a stray bullet to her head while she was sitting in the porch with my dad by some chumps who done a drive by on me and my homies. My dad was broken. he never recovered from that and died yrs later from diabetes. By this time my mom lost it and now this with Tokes.

Finally, Klever reiterated the dangers associated with gang life and disclosed Toker was ambushed by 30 men but did what he had to do to protect his family.

“Im telling you little foos be ready to fuck ur family all up with the aftermath,” he concluded. “I guess im just feeling some type of way rn. I just want to let everyone know one thing im PROUD of my bro Tokes he knew it was his time he took it like a man. 30 mfks to just him ,his girl and bby boy . He saved his family with what he done I LOVE YOU FOOLIO RIP WITH ALL OUR FALLEN ONES.”

BrownSide was established in the early 90s by the late Eazy-E and intended to be the Chicano version of N.W.A. The group is often heralded as pioneers of the Chicano gangster rap movement.

A candlelight vigil is being held at the Brownside Store in Los Angeles on Saturday (October 20), which just happens to be Toker’s birthday.

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